Why it sucks to be a private dick

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From Magnum P.I.’s impeccably tropical 'stache to Sherlock Holmes’ cerebral sleuthing, the allure of private investigation has been a mainstay of popular culture since the 1840s.

And in the real world, private eyes are everywhere. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 36,200 private detectives and investigators employed in the United States in 2019. But private investigators aren’t limited to the U.S.; The World Association of Detectives (W.A.D), founded in 1921, represents members across the globe, from Guadeloupe to Vietnam.

So when I was given the opportunity to actually enter this murky and mysterious world myself, I…

Stolen equipment. A disappearing album. Years on the road. Through his journey, Micah Schnabel’s powerful blend of wisdom and fury has made him one of music’s most urgent voices.

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Singer and songwriter Micah Schnabel

Listening to Micah Schnabel’s music is like getting punched and hugged at the same time. And like a cracking levee holding back a lifetime marked by both bitter rejection and heartfelt connection, Micah Schnabel’s live performances are visceral avalanches of unbridled emotion.

While some artists favor a calculated slow-boil approach to their live sets, Schnabel’s runaway-train style comes naturally. “It’s like a therapy session for me. I’ve found that that’s where I’m the most comfortable writing, that’s where my voice is, that’s when I feel the best about myself,” Schnabel says.

Raw, vulnerable and honest, Schnabel’s body of work deftly…

Famous musicians find catharsis through other artists' songs.

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Strange times have upended the lives of friends, families, and neighbors.

Driven indoors by the invisible threat of the coronavirus, we naturally turn to things that elevate the human spirit. For many of us, we turn to music: finding strength in the albums that stuck by our sides through awkward and awful times to the battle cry singles we wielded like swords through the glorious triumphs.

Musicians are no different. And while lesser known artists and weekend dabblers have posted their work via a spectrum of social platforms, a handful of top artists have also recently recorded and shared live…

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Roadblock in Spain’s Catalonia region.

It began with a raspy dry cough, followed by a fever and crippling muscle pain which left his five-year-old son unable to walk. Shortly after, his wife felt a stabbing pain in her throat, which morphed into a two-day long intense fever, coupled with muscular pains and diarrhea.

Confined to a 1,076 sq-ft apartment (100 sqm) in Ondarroa — a small fishing village in northern Spain’s Basque province - Xabi relies on friends and relatives to bring food and necessities ever since his family started showing symptoms of COVID-19. …


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Hello AI. Goodbye DUI.

They make the trail of crumbs that your nephew joyfully sprinkled across your carpet disappear in a flash. They are a boon to manufacturing and medicine. They automize. They systemize. Heck, they even drive.

But the most life-altering niche that robots are poised to fill is that of the invaluable wingman. One who takes one for the team by dancing with the fat chick (or husky fella). One whose terrible jokes drop the bar to the point that your decade-old punchline sounds fresh. …

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