Why it sucks to be a private dick

From Magnum P.I.’s impeccably tropical 'stache to Sherlock Holmes’ cerebral sleuthing, the allure of private investigation has been a mainstay of popular culture since the 1840s.

And in the real world, private eyes are everywhere. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 36,200 private detectives and investigators…

Stolen equipment. A disappearing album. Years on the road. Through his journey, Micah Schnabel’s powerful blend of wisdom and fury has made him one of music’s most urgent voices.

Listening to Micah Schnabel’s music is like getting punched and hugged at the same time. And like a cracking levee holding back a lifetime marked by both bitter rejection and heartfelt connection, Micah Schnabel’s live performances are visceral avalanches of unbridled emotion.

While some artists favor a calculated slow-boil approach…


They make the trail of crumbs that your nephew joyfully sprinkled across your carpet disappear in a flash. They are a boon to manufacturing and medicine. They automize. They systemize. Heck, they even drive.

But the most life-altering niche that…

Marc Oakley

Shepherd of words. Wrangler of turds. Toddler survivor. Writer for #The Ascent and #The Riff. Ambassador of Hope at THE WALLOBOOKS PROJECT. marcoakley.com

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